On Grammar

days copyThe English language is like an elusive butterfly, both to those who speak it natively and to those who do not. It is often said that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, and perhaps this explains why many who were raised on the language seem to have such a difficult time with it. While their, there and they’re are the most commonly discussed grammatical errors, along with your and you’re and to, too and two, even something as seemingly simple as its and it’s are often mistaken. Even I, after all these years, have to sometimes remind myself of what I’m trying to say to ensure that I use the proper grammar. Am I always successful? No. This is, in particular, why editing and editors, are so important. When should you use a semicolon over a comma? Why can’t you start a sentence with a preposition? And when is too many exclamation points too exclamatory?!  Also is ?! ever appropriate?

These are all fairly common mistakes that even the best of us make… but citing the problem with our first rule, we must realize that you can’t just publish without editing.

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