The New Adventures of Old Nancy Drew

days4 copyGrowing up I was an avid reader of Nancy Drew mysteries. I had tried reading Hardy Boys but honestly I could never quite get into it, so naturally when I heard they were trying to bring Nancy Drew back I was thrilled. Sure the movie they tried in like what… 2007 was a complete flop but this was Nancy Drew, and I was eager to see how the idea worked for a television adaptation. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t tried adapting things a million times before, take the at least dozen iterations of Sherlock Holmes we’ve seen over the years besides the movies, there’s Sherlock, Elementary, and The Great Mouse Detective, to name a few. According to Wikipedia he’s been in over 200 films, which arguably makes him one of the more overused characters in the modern cannon so why don’t we deserve another chance at Nancy Drew?

That they’re taking her in a new direction having her as an adult detective and what’s this… not white, is both exciting and setting some people’s hair on fire as it certainly did when the character of Dr. Watson was cast, not only as a woman but an Asian woman in Elementary. Why does this seem to be a subject we’re so comfortable arguing about? Traditionally the question of changing the race of characters has rarely ever been brought up if a non-white character is played by a white actor in the film/television version of a book so why is this such an issue now? And in case you wanted to argue about the authors artistic vision just remember that Caroline Keene the author of the Nancy Drew series was actually in fact a number of authors all working under the pseudonym of Ms. Keene.

We’ve done this before, reviving stories and films and ideas in a way that attempts to be new and fresh, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. So far the new adventures of Nancy Drew are in early stages, casting has just begun, so it remains to be seen how it’s going to work and even if it’s going to last, but I’m hopeful either way.

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