Notes Everywhere

days3 copyBack in September, during back to school season, as I often do, I made it a point to stock up on the office supplies I would need for the year (or rather in my case, next few months). Walmart happened to be offering 1 subject notebooks for .17¢ so I got like 17, along with a five subject notebook and a 3 subject notebook. My plan was to write the individual books themselves across the one subject notebooks, and use the five subject for outlines for the series.

Writing a sprawling series of five books requires quite a lot of notes to keep myself from forgetting important details of the story like plot points, characters, and otherwise unchangeable elements that it would be rather awkward to contradict in a later book. I’m making a conscious effort to be more organized, I even have a special steno notebook where I’m trying to keep notes specific to the series even going so far as to number them by chapter and note number, though I should add the books initials to really add an extra layer of organization. This isn’t always possible sometimes I don’t have one notebook or another with me and I simply have to opt to write the note wherever I can, and add it to the notebook later.

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