Adventures in Laser Hair Removal

days2 copyA few weeks ago, I had my very first laser hair removal appointment at a salon in Vegas, I had been planning to do it for a few months but scheduling the appointments and finding a good salon have proven tricky. I’m actually about to change salons so I can be a bit closer to home as the current one is 20 minutes away which proves challenging to work around schedules. I had never done anything like it and all I knew from what I had heard and read was that everyone seemed to take the experience differently, and the consensus is that it’s far less painful than electrolysis. I was able to arrive 20 minutes ahead of my appointment and was out within roughly 20 minutes from then.

It was a fairly pleasant experience over all, one of the other major differences from laser vs. electrolysis from what I’ve seen is that in the case of laser rather than attacking individual hairs, you get the laser hit everywhere, across the whole span of the area. It sounds vaguely like someone’s just snapping a lot of pictures and while certain parts felt a little warm at best, the cryogen helped ease the pain. The only thing I wasn’t quite prepared for is that the area itched quite a bit for a few minutes after then stopped almost as suddenly as it came on. There was no redness, or pain, or anything like how some people have written about it. I probably could have fallen asleep were the procedure any longer. It’s still early days (as of this writing) and technically to be hair free (or at least 90% reduction) can take 4-6 sessions once a month, but I’m excited nevertheless and if you’re considering it and worried about the pain, all I can say is, my first time getting my nails taken off was a hell of a lot more painful.

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