For the Love of Makeup

days copyI love makeup. A lot. Much to the dismay of my wallet. This year for Christmas I bought myself a pro-contour palette from NYX Cosmetics and the Naked Smokey Palette from Urban Decay, and a number of lip cremes from the beauty box Julep. Makeup can be a very addicting and expensive lifestyle, but if you know what you’re willing to spend any amount of money on and what you’re absolutely not you can help yourself out a little. I use Pro-Longwear Foundation by MAC because the cream based foundation feels like it covers my skin better, I’m willing to spend the money for MAC because I like what it does and I use foundation every day (or at least every day I go out in public). On the other hand, I bought a cheaper NYX contour palette because while I love to play around with contouring I’m not doing it every day.

Part of my love of beauty boxes comes from the fact that it allows me to try new products or get a supply of things I may not use often. I have a dozen or so eyeliners (enough to last me for the rest of my life given I almost never wear them), from various boxes. I have a mascara sample from Too Faced that I adore, but that I probably wouldn’t buy a full bottle of because mascara gives me a migraine.

Lipstick is one of the few other extravagances in my makeup, I bought one MAC makeup because it was the original Viva Glam I by RuPaul, and I now have a second that I got for free with MAC’s recycling program. The Julep lip cremes were a sale price and a good amount of lipsticks I own I got from beauty boxes. I don’t really wear eyeshadow every day, so the Naked Smokey palette an the Naked 2 palette are both enough to last me for as long as I need. Knowing all of these things I know that the only product I really need to spend money on is foundation.

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