Is It Just Me?

days5 copyI’ve made a point of pointing out that I don’t read my own books and with good reason. Late last night while writing book three I asked my friend if she remembered a character’s hair color as described in book 1. She was able to find it relatively quickly (I was too scared to even open the book) but as it was sitting on my bed I ended up picking up the book anyway and like like some kind of editing junky I found myself looking over the first few pages and before I knew it, I had grabbed a pencil and was making changes. Perhaps one of the most unfortunate parts about being a self published author is that relative obscurity makes it easy to make changes without a lot of fan fair… sure the people who’ve already read it would know… I have to wonder… does every author feel like this from time to time, or is it just me? Artists are on the whole perfectionists. My cover designer, has proven that and a few authors I know (who haven’t even gone the self publishing route yet) it seems to be in our nature, but the question is… if the book is already out there and you want to make changes what do you do? These aren’t changes that anyone has been demanding, and no one has really had anything negative to say about the book (thus far). But as a self published author, if I notice discrepancies or changes that need to be made is it not my duty to make those changes? Had I been taken on by a traditional publishing house (which I rarely don’t think about, but in this case I have too) these changes would either have been required long ago, or simply not possible currently, but as my current goal is to put out the absolutely best possible book I can, any and all changes should be welcomed, not scorned. Perhaps… (and there is a very very good chance of this). I’m simply over thinking things.

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