the End of Flash (a designers dream)

days copyOne of the many required courses for my BS in Graphic Design was a course on flash, a very outdated animation medium that was popular up until about the mid 2000’s-early 2010’s as a means of animating for the web, sharing videos, and the odd website or two. Lately it’s fallen largely out of favor, in place of HTML5, and yet in spite of all of this it has survived to this day and will according to the flash overlords (Adobe) until 2018, at least 8 years after it’s sell by date (and frankly that’s generous). Flash is notoriously buggy, needing an update seemingly every other day, it’s a breeding ground for virus’s largely because of how ubiquitous it had been for such a long time and yet as recent as January 2016, Flash is still used by as much as 9.3% of websites. And not just small websites either, major websites like Google and IMDB are still utilizing Flash in some capacity according to W3Tech (a technology trend reporting website).

To put that into perspective, if the Earth is made up of almost 7 billion people roughly 700 million of them would still be using this buggy and long outdated system. The web is working to fix that, in fact more than 90% of websites are using JavaScript of which HTML5 makes up about 25%, so one can afford to keep Flash off your computer if it isn’t already.

Flash has been losing it’s grip on the internet rather steadily since the introduction of HTML5, but that Adobe still want’s to drag out it’s demise another two years (no doubt to work out the technologies that will replace it and give the remaining 9.3% a chance to update before they become as extinct as the system they created their site in) is unfortunate.

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