the Edit Chronicles

days3 copyWelcome to February and the official start of editing my current work-in-progress. Editing has notoriously been one of the most exhausting, time consuming and mentally and emotionally draining processes for me when it comes to writing, so I think this is going to be interesting. My tentative plan is to spend all of February working on edits and hopefully having a few people read over it in March so I can start sending out in April. This gives me the better part of 6 weeks to edit (assuming I work through mid-March) and 3 weeks for my readers to read through it.

I’m excited to get to work, and being that I’d like to devote as much of my undivided attention to the editing process as I can spare I’m pre-writing and scheduling all future posts from now until 3/31, to ensure that the blog can still continue without my assistance. I’ll try to keep you updated on the whole question of whether or not I’m sticking to my timeline but I’m excited either way.

Wish me luck.

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