That Plot Hole Incident

friWhile I don’t usually care for the process of editing on the whole, a fact I think I’ve made pretty clear on almost every blog I’ve ever had ever. I will admit it has it’s important purpose. And that has never been made more clear to me, than it was last night when while typing up chapter sixteen I realized I had a gaping plot hole in my story in the form of a timeline issue. It would be difficult to explain without giving up anything of the story but suffice it to say, the way I set up the characters ages didn’t match up with the year I had set the story. (This is probably why a little bit of outlining could be essential). Somewhere in my mind as I was writing it, all of the numbers sounded correct, but as I was adding in a little slice of information and reading everything back in my head I realized that something about the timeline didn’t quite add up mathematically. As it turned out, in double checking my math I was not only off I was in some cases almost hilariously wrong. It was a huge issue that would have been pretty obvious if I hadn’t edited the book. (Now granted, there’s a pretty good chance my editor would have caught it before it went to press but I think it goes to show just how important editing really is). If anything it’s taught me to have a new appreciation for editing and while I still probably won’t enjoy it, at least I’ll look back on this and remember that without it another plot hole may ensue.

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