What I Learned While Scripting

wedI almost did it. I got so close to the finish line, I was fifteen pages away from finishing the first script on time, or at least, mostly on time. I was on a roll, and then… the story decided to crash and burn and well, here we are, week two and things aren’t quite going how I would have liked considering I’ve still not finished my first script nor even started the second.

I know enough about myself by now that I should really know better than to try and plan things out like this. Planning to far in advance tends to work against me and apparently a full time job, plus a novel, and a blog, might have been a little too much going on already to add trying to write four scripts in a month to my list. But it was still a fun experiment, and I learned some things that I didn’t really expect during this process. Not speed, naturally, but I did come away with some interesting ideas that I hadn’t considered during the original writing of the book that might be interesting to bring back in the next draft of the book come February. Not major changes, thankfully but still interesting enough and worth considering.

I knew that I would probably learn at least a few things from the process, not the least of which being that I actually really love the script writing process even if it frustrates me in the lack of narrative freedom and even if the time constraint is more than a little difficult to maneuver.

Do I like it enough to try and make it a full-time career? No. Scriptwriting for me, is more of a hobby act, to keep me writing, but not having to write a full novel. It also proves a good way to really figure out what parts of your book are the most important, and worth keeping, and what maybe you could take or leave if it came down to it for a 2.5 hour movie.

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