the To-Do List

monI love lists. There’s nothing I enjoy more on a Monday or any old weekday, than making a list of the things I have to do that day, and that week. It’s a recent love affair, and it includes everything from writing out and scheduling blog posts for the week, to workouts, books to read, and pages to write, and pretty much everything in between. So you’d think with all of this, and how organized I’ve worked to make myself lately, that I would have been better equipped to handle the challenges I’ve set for myself, and more importantly, the tasks I’ve set for myself. One might think, that given my lists, and my day planner that I would not have had several posts go up late last week. Particularly considering that I had the posts written, just not necessarily typed up, (though several did change between what I had planned for that day and what actually was published). One might think that I would not, at this very moment be writing this post, at nearly midnight on Sunday, given the fact that, I did have an idea written, and given that my to-do list said to have this scheduled by Friday or Saturday.

I love lists, but actually remembering to look at them and do the things on them, is going to take some work.

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