wedI knew having a full time job, plus working on another novel, plus keeping up with this blog was going to make my script every eight days plan tricky.

The good news is, I technically have a day left. In order to be a full eight days, I could probably take till midnight tomorrow, but that sort of spoils the fun of laying track. I managed to get a few pages written while at work today and I’m actually really enjoying what I’ve worked on. But I had certain projects that absolutely needed to take precedent at work, so…I’m not quite there yet. I probably finished close to another ten pages so realistically I now only have about 25 pages left, which is less to do but still tricky. I don’t know what the likelihood is that I’ll be able to finish it by tomorrow but I refuse to give up either way. Considering how ahead of myself I thought I was able to get on day one, it is a little disappointing to know how far back I let myself get now.


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