8 Days to Script Part I

wedIn an effort to keep myself away from the latest draft of my current manuscript while I allow it to settle before editing, I started reading what is easily my new favorite book. Year of Yes, by Grey’s Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes. In it, Shonda describes what she calls the laying of track, which is, how she writes. A new script, every eight days, like clockwork.

As a lover of scripts and someone who’s always up for a challenge I decided to see if I could keep up with the hectic pace of writing a new script for the television version of my novel, every 8 days for a month. I’ve broken down the eight day weeks starting from today until February 17th, equaling out to four weeks and four scripts.

1/13-1/21 ‘Episode 1’

1/22-1/30 ‘Episode 2’

1/31-2/8 ‘Episode 3’

2/9-2/17 ‘Episode 4’

All of this equals about forty-five plus pages of script every eight days, or 180 over the course of the month. Not an impossible feat, but mostly because I already have a baseline to work with. That said, there are some things that will likely need to be changed, so I think I’ll spend the first day working on a bit of an outline to figure out where I want to start, then work my way up towards the actual script part tomorrow and through the rest of the week. Part of the biggest challenge here is that, beyond the fact that scriptwriting and novel writing are very different, the timeline here is like few other aspects of writing, except perhaps journalism.

Novels take time, as a novelist, particularly an unpublished, unknown one, I can afford to take as much time on a story as I need. Even as a published author, you at least get maybe a year to work on a novel, but with this all you have is the week. It’s exciting, and challenging, and scripts have always been something I’ve wanted to do more. So for the next four weeks during Writing Wednesdays, I’ll be chronicling my adventures in writing four scripts.

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