Can I Just Go?


Oh the places you will Pee… or not.

Welcome to 2016, and a world wherein certain political groups would like to police where one can go to the bathroom.

For real.

It’s happening all over the place, Indiana for instance, recently introduced a bill that would criminalize trans people for peeing in the ‘wrong bathroom.’ With up to a $5000 fine or a year in jail. SERIOUSLY. Similar bills were introduced in Texas, Florida, and Nevada (where I live) but thankfully didn’t pass.

Now here’s my question…

How the hell, do they plan on implementing such a law? Just for clarity…

IMG_4755 This is the face of a trans person. Now not to toot my own horn here, but… if I hadn’t said anything, you wouldn’t have known that. More importantly my ID says Female. So how would you go about proving this exactly? Force everyone to walk around with their birth certificates in their pockets? Or posting police with iPads to look up your birth certificate online? Or better yet, you go by the ‘if you see something, say something method’ wherein you just ask strangers to report manly looking women’ see how well that goes over. The sad truth is, the ads surrounding how this bill is being sold to people, is aimed exclusively at trans women. The idea being that if such a bill would pass, any perverted man could walk into a women’s restroom and do god knows what.

The problem is, this idea has little to no basis in reality and to suggest that allowing a trans person to pee in the restroom in which they should be entitled, is akin to giving free range to a criminal, is not only gross it’s inaccurate.

I barely like using public restrooms as it is, why make this harder on someone by trying to force them in a restroom they shouldn’t be in? The bottom line is, beyond unconstitutional, it’s morally wrong, and just plain stupid to be wasting our time trying to tell someone where they can and can’t pee. Seriously? If your state has literally nothing better to do, then you must have a thriving economy, and loads in your surplus and the best damn education anywhere in the country. If not, maybe it’s time your constituents vote you out for someone who feels there’s a better use of the state’s money. Looking at you Senator Tomes.

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