Always Write For You

It’s a simple concept, but in a literary world inundated with copycats all hoping to strike literary gold by following in the footsteps of what’s currently hot in literature, sometimes it’s easy to forget this idea. I say write for you because inevitably not everyone is going to like your book or your characters. There’s almost no series in the world that everyone universally loves. There just isn’t. Sure a TON of people love Harry Potter but there are quite a few that have never read it and/or even outright hate the series. The same is true of Twilight, Hunger Games, pretty much anything that’s popular at one time or another has had people who love it and those that hate it. As an author this is par for the course. But when you write a book for you the only person’s opinion who truly matters is your own.

I mean of course we want everyone to like our book, but if you spend so much time worrying about how other people are going to perceive your book, you won’t actually have written anything at all, or at least, not anything worth reading.

Take a look at any bookstore in America right now and you know what you’ll find? Mostly vampire novels. A LOT of paranormal teen romance novels. But nothing spectacularly interesting (at least not in my opinion) and certainly nothing new.

Honestly, do I believe that writing for you necessarily gets you the major readership that all authors hope for? I don’t really know. I’d like to believe that it would simply because I’d like to believe that readers are as sick of the vampire, paranormal romance scene as I am. I’d like to believe that readers want something fresh and better. But only time will tell whether or not readers want something new, or just want to keep reading the same thing.

As a side note, since witches and wizards started this,then vampires, I’m pretty sure ghosts/angels/demons is the next logical conclusion for pop culture so anybody who wants to get a jump on that… you may want to hurry.

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