Book a Week

thursOne of my New Year’s goals (I refuse to use the term resolution as it just sets one up for failure), besides blogging more, is to finally get through my to-read list. Or at least, get further in it. My current to read list, has something like over 50 books (that I can think of off hand). Some that I’ve been meaning to read for far too long, and some new additions. I’m trying to make a point to read more diversely, and across a different variety of genres, I love a good autobiography and while there are a number of them in my current to read list, I’d like to give literary fiction more of a chance beyond Franzen. (We all know how that one turned out).

My other goal is to try and read at least one book a week, which considering how quickly I was able to read Harry Potter during my youth it seems hard to imagine how I couldn’t possibly read a book a quarter of the size in double the time. I’d like to make it a point, to review a new book a week for my Reading Thursday posts.

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