A Year in Transition


Nothing worth doing ever came easy, and transition has certainly proved that. One of the biggest lessons I’ve had to learn this past year in regard to my transition is patience.  This is a slow process. Sometimes painfully so. But I’ve also learned to celebrate the small accomplishments as well as the larger ones because the larger ones are going to be the ones that take the longest and are the hardest to get to. For me, that patience has been probably the most difficult aspect of all of this, because anyone who knows me knows, I’m not known for being particularly patient, but I’m working on it. Given that a lot of this process is out of my control, particularly where the name change was concerned, and where a lot of the transition process is concerned. So for me a lot of this has been learning how to be happy with what I’m able to accomplish and find a way to pass the time while waiting to see what’s next.

2015 was a major year in my transition between my name change, and starting hormones and while I’m excited to see what 2016 brings I have to know that there aren’t always going to be years with major exciting changes in them. That while I want to complete my transition between now and my 30th birthday in 2021, there are going to be probably a number of years when it feels like nothing is happening. There are going to be times in my transition where I feel like all I’m doing is waiting around for the time when I’m able to work on the next major aspect of my transition. But that’s okay, at least, I’m hoping for it to be. It won’t always be easy, but it’ll be so worth the wait.

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