Writing Nook


For many years now, I have never had what one would call a proper writing space. For a while, I wrote pretty much wherever I could set up my laptop, which more often than not meant I was doing a lot of writing in bed (not great for the back).

Currently my writing space consists of a series of incongruous items, fashioned into what I call a desk, but what is in reality the top of a former desk which began to fall apart after a move several years ago, a three drawer dresser that is full of mostly writing, the occasional charger, and a box full of receipts. And a chair that defies sitting in at the best of times.

A hipster might call this desk up-cycled. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but as desks go, it’s not the mahogany corner desk with matching hutch that I always dreamed of. Still, it has it’s charm and it more than performs it’s task for writing and design purposes. Recently however I’ve been longing for a change. Every so many months I like to change up the position of things in my bedroom, which would be fine, if not for the fact that at this point… everything I have has already been everywhere it can go in my room, several times over. So what’s a writer do to? Improvise. Utilizing a series of old bedsheets, and pushpins, I’ve managed to create for myself a comfortable writing nook within my bedroom that allows me a separate space in which to work. Inside I have my desk, a bookcase, and a laptop table I can move underneath the desk for extra room.

The setup needs a few finishing touches, including some artwork on the walls to really help foster the creative flow I’m looking for, and I want to work out a better organizational system than what I currently have but this nook has proved quite cozy and a fun experiment in DIY office space conversion. I’d also love, since my bookcase is here, to set up some pillows or cushions to create a little reading corner.

Ultimately time will tell whether or not I’m able to be more creative/productive in this semi-secluded office space, but I’m incredibly hopeful and excited all the same.

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