Giving Your Book Space


I’m way, way, way too much in my own head about my current work in progress. It’s becoming a distraction and a bit of a problem.

I can’t even manage to write a decent blog post at the moment because all of my thoughts are stuck on this current draft. Oddly, it isn’t so much that I’m having trouble with it, I’ve seen worse times, but I’m just so in the midst of it that I can’t see my way out anymore, and I know that’s a problem.

After giving it a great deal of thought I’ve decided that I’m going to need to put some space between myself and this story after this month is over. I’m still going to work towards my original February deadline, but I’m not going to hold it against myself if it just doesn’t happen.

It occurs to me that I’ve been going non-stop on this project since last year, which I would say is something to be proud of, but it means that I owe it to myself and my story to put some space between it and myself. I’ve known for a long time that you’re supposed to put time between yourself and the story, but I’ve never exactly known how to do that, and so it’s been something I haven’t taken seriously. But as artistic burnout lingers on the horizon, I’m coming to realize that perhaps this is something I’m going to need to take seriously in the future.

I don’t know how long the break is going to be for, or even what I’m going to do in the mean time, besides blog of course, and work on mapping out my favorite book as previously promised, but book wise, I really don’t know what my plans are.

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