Julep Maven January 2015 Box Review

I love nail polish almost as much as I love makeup in general, so when I found Julep, I was extremely excited. Of all the boxes I’ve personally sampled, Julep is the most expensive, but I feel like one of the best, because of their beautiful colors, you can customize it, and best of all all of their nail polishes come without several harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Which… why was that in nail polish to begin with?!

I ended up getting a little carried away with my first official box… or… a lot carried away. But I like to think of it as a late Christmas present to myself so it was definitely worth it.

The Box:

box copy


Each box includes 3 items, based on your beauty profile, because mine is Bombshell I get 2 nail polishes and one full sized beauty item.

I really liked one of the initial colors I was offered, which was a purple, until I remembered that I already had about six or seven purple nail polishes. I decided to swap it out instead for a gorgeous blue color called Casey.


Casey (Boho Glam): A few years ago I became obsessed with Essie’s Hide and Go Chic, and I was determined to find a color that was similar, since at the time I couldn’t afford it, and ever since I haven’t seen it anywhere. Casey is the closest color I’ve seen so far to Hide and go Chic.

Initially my box also came with a second nail polish which I want to say was a bright yellow color that just wasn’t me. So I swapped it out with a Lip Pout lip crayon in Cardinal Red.

Plush Pout

Lip Pout in Cardinal: I can’t get enough of lip crayons. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Revlon Lip Crayon which I picked up in matte a month or so ago, and so when I had the opportunity for a bright red through Julep I decided I had to take it and it’s just fabulous.



Luxe Lip Treatment: The final item from the original box was a Luxe Lip treatment which was originally in sheer Fig, which is like a brownish pink I want to say. It really wasn’t me, so I decided to pick it up instead in Sheer Magenta which I thought would be a lot more flattering. The Luxe Lip treatment is meant to be an ultra hydrating lip conditioner for those harsh winter days and though Winter is basically over where I live, I still love the luxe lip lipgloss.  

The Add Ons:

JustForYuleTrio copy

Just for Yule Trio: This was the trio I had wanted to buy from day one… I’m really obsessed with the Green and Red and even though I thought I’d never have a need for white I’m actually really in love with it.

Just for Yule Trio_Myrtle

Myrtle—I have just one word for this red. BALENCIAGA!!!! (Any American Horror Story: Coven fans in the house?) I really wanted this red if for no other reason than to give myself the Louboutin manicure.

Just for Yule Trio_Emer

Emer–Now serving… Slytherin Green. I’m really living for Green a lot more lately so naturally I was thrilled for this color when I saw it in this trio. I think it’s probably the chief reason I picked up this trio, after the aforementioned Louboutin manicure.

Just for Yule Trio_Brigitte

Brigitte— While white is usually reserved for french manicures, I think I can find a few other uses for it.

Fa La La Trio

Fa La La Trio: A beautiful New Years Eve trio that didn’t quite make it for New Years, but I still love.

Fa La La Trio_Charisma

Charisma— When I first saw this color online I could have sworn it was like magenta so I was really excited to have a color like that, but seeing it in person it’s actually more of a red with gold sparkles in it. I haven’t quite tried it yet, so although I’m disappointed it wasn’t magenta, I think I’m going to love it all the same.

Fa La La Trio_WinnieFa La La Trio_Margot

Winnie & Margot— Both Winnie and Margot, the Champagne-ish colors look almost identical, but Margo (pictured right) happens to be a bit more gold than champagne and also has a slight unmistakable crease in it’s bottle that makes it easier to spot. I wasn’t entirely sure about the colors until I tried Winnie out on one of my toes and really fell in love with that champagne shine. It’s actually really pretty and gives sort of a high fashion fall feel.

Top Coat Trio:


Oxygen Performance Top Coat

Silk Effect Top Coat

Silk Effect Top Coat

Freedom Polymer Top Coat

Freedom Polymer Top Coat


Of the three of them I’ve technically only tried the silk effect and the freedom polymer top coat and I love them both. Silk effect is like a mix of matte and gloss and the freedom polymer top coat is all gloss, and almost like a gel finish. It’s super gorgeous and by far one of the best top coats I’ve ever tried.


Night Shift Sleep Mask: I LIVE for Sleep masks so I was super excited to pick up the night shift sleep mask. It’s really thick and in it’s instructions tells you have to wash it off in the morning which I think is interesting but it feels so good on my skin.

The Freebies:


Metamorphic Top Coat Tilda: This month Julep introduced three metamorphic top coats of which Mavens would get a free one. The metamorphic top coat is so gorgeous, it adds this sort of iridescent sheen to the colors, so far I’ve applied it to my left hand and it really makes all the colors look fabulous, sparkly, and just fun.

go big mascara

Free January Maven Gift: Because I ordered 4 add ons I got a free gift. (I think you get one after three but I wanted the sleep mask).

GO BIG MASCARA!— OK so I’m actually super excited about this gift, it was a total mystery what I was going to get but I was secretly hoping for mascara because though I rarely use it, I really wanted to try out a new mascara.

Overall I really love Julep, it’s a gorgeous box and it’s definitely worth the money, however since I’m trying to save up money for a vacation this will probably be my last box for a while.

5 Smooches, Julep is the best!

5 Smooches, January did not disappoint dolls!

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