Achievement Unlocked


I’m not a gamer. In total I’ve owned six game consoles with, at most a total of two games on each. Of the six, one, the Nintendo 64 I saw only at Christmas, then never again. Another the PlayStation 2 was purchased exclusively for the DVD capabilities. This compared to some of my friends who are serious gamers and have had just about every game console in existence at one time or another, who play religiously and beat every game they have ever played within a matter of hours. I’ve still never beaten Pokemon Blue on my original Gameboy color. I mention all of this, because while I haven’t been much of a gamer, I do understand the concept of achievements in video games and I understand Pavlov’s behaviorism theory of positive reinforcement.

Recently I’ve detailed my struggles with editing my current work-in-progress, and getting something, anything written of the sequel which has become a major thorn in my ass (but which I’ve put on hold whilst editing). After several weeks with little progress in editing, I’ve finally managed to get some work done this week! YAAAY!

I’ve decided that I need to find ways to treat myself more for these achievements. I’ve never really celebrated the finishing of a novel. In ten or eleven novels and several hundred drafts, I think only once or twice have I ever celebrated the completion of a novel.

I haven’t quite decided yet what I’m going to give myself when I’ve completed the third draft of my current work-in-progress, but I have decided to give myself a deadline. An achievement to unlock if you will.

Finish the third draft by February 8th, 2015. This gives me exactly one month to complete the current draft and one month to figure out what my reward ought to be when I complete it.

How do you reward yourself when you complete a novel? Wine? Chocolates? More books than you can handle in your already overloaded TBR pile?

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