Siren Call


Where were you when you first got the itch to write? What were you doing? Did it come upon you suddenly like a cold or did it slowly creep upon you like an infection; so slowly that you weren’t aware of it’s existence until the fever began.

Or perhaps you heard the siren call of creativity for years, beaconing you towards the rocks. You never quite knew what it was but it was always there, silently waiting. What did it feel like the first time you put words to the page? Was it exhilarating? Enchanting? Or was it immediately terrifying?

Did you feel he weight of your predecessors, the many masters of the craft on your shoulders? Did you even know where to begin?

How we write and what we write may be different, but the why is the same. We have a story, just begging to be told.

What’s your story? And how did you get there?


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