Devillicious Book Club… of sorts


There are a lot of authors I’m not particularly a fan of, some of whom I’ve discussed more publicly than others. Some of these authors I dislike purely for their personalities, others because of their inexplicable popularity. But whatever the reason, I realize that in order to properly discuss these writers, I’m going to have to at least read one book.

This year, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be sharing a chapter by chapter summary of my thoughts on 12 such authors. I’m going to try and go about this as unbiased as I can.  I may even include live tweeting of my thoughts so if you don’t already follow @NarcissaDeville you should probably do that, because I think this is going to be exhausting  fun.  Each starting post will include my thoughts on the author before hand, and what book I chose.

For the first three months I already have some ideas in mind of what book I want to look at, however I’m completely open to suggestions.

January: Jonathan Franzen

February: Gillian Flynn

March: Stephanie Meyer

April: John Green

May: E.L. James

June: Amanda Hocking

July: Nicholas Sparks

August: Brett Easton Ellis

September: Kurt Vonnegut

October: Ernest Hemingway

November: John Grisham

December: James Patterson

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