Wishful Drinking: A Review


What can one say about Carrie Fisher that hasn’t already said before? The child star born of famous parents Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher Carrie is perhaps better known for her portrayal in the Star Wars trilogy than anything else. Her first novel Postcards from the Edge was a semi autobiographical account of her time in rehab, and the events that had lead her there.

In Wishful Drinking, Carrie takes us through her life post sobriety, her dealing with memory loss from ECT or Electroconvulsive Therapy. Wishful Drinking is a fascinating, hilarious, if not stream of consciousness look at the life of a child star and the ‘fall from grace’ that made her the person she is today.

It seems clear (for better or worse) that unlike most autobiographies which are aided by ghost writers, Carrie worked on this one alone creating a unique voice that fits rather well with the HBO special (also titled Wishful Drinking) which preceded the book.

        5Smooches 5 Smooches. I really love this book.

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