the Great Slump

greatslumpThis time last year, I was deep in the trenches of editing the first draft of my still current work-in-progress. The first book in a series of five. I was mostly working on rewriting a large portion of the novel which no longer worked after a few changes made to the beginning half of the book. Now, a year later, I’m working on the third draft, of the same book.

I had decided for NaNoWriMo in an effort to give myself a little space from the current WIP, I would start the sequel. I had spent much of October working on an unprecedented outline that encompassed the better part of almost 20 pages. It was far ranging in it’s scope and it was unlike any other outline I had ever devised. I was ready, I was excited. I couldn’t wait for November.

And then… nothing.

Barely a word. A week in and I had somehow managed to drudge my way through three thousand words, but I was far behind the suggested NaNo amount and leagues behind my personal goal in the effort to finish 100k words in that same month. By the second week of November, my word count was still no further, I was drawing a blank, in spite of everything I knew about where I was going, I couldn’t seem to get there.

What had changed between October and November? Had I lost my muse or was I simply burnt out? I could barely manage to write a simple blog post and I had begun to wonder, if my muse had left the building, was I ever going to get her back?

It’s now two weeks into December, and I’m still no further with the sequel than I had been in the start of November. I still have no idea what’s caused my slump or why it is that with a greater outline than ever I’m further away from knowing where to begin. So I’ve gone back to editing, in the hopes that eventually when I have finished the third/fourth draft of my current WIP that maybe, just maybe I’ll be ready to start the sequel.

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